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Had no idea dogs could have a peanut allergy

I never heard of dogs and peanut allergies. Ive had dogs my whole life and never knew about them. In the past anytime my dogs would itch for longer periods of time the veterinarian would always say its pollen or something they rolled around in. No one ever told me about food allergies let alone peanut allergies. I should have known better and now I feel so bad that I didnt know and look into a potential peanut or another food allergy.

When my dog was itching like mad I took her to the vet and one of the first things she told me about was peanut and food allergies in dogs. We started with excluding certain ingredients from her diet and then the vet asked me to take a look at her snacks ingredients. One of her snacks had peanut butter in them so I stopped giving them to her and the itching stopped. I never ever would have thought food allergies, I thought she got into something in the backyard that caused it.