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Help! Rash from peanut allergy?

Hey, so sorry to hear about your LO, this can be very scary.
I dont understand why you cant test your child for allergies. You can do IgE blood test for peanuts, tree nuts, etc. Then you can take the number and see how it correlates to the medical history. I agree that the numerical value of the test alone doesnt predict the reaction of your child to peanuts. Especially in the future. This is affected by her immune system maturation, gut maturation and many other things. Why not get a second opinion from an allergist. Also keep in mind that IgE mediated response (allergic reaction to food) occurs on the second or third time the body is exposed to an allergen and is sensitized to it, not the first. The subsequent reactions will depend on the condition of the immune system/gut, amount of allergen in body and type of allergic protein given. Some people have delayed reactions and also reactions that last for days for many known/unknown reasons. Personally, i would avoid peanuts until I had better answers. Also did your pediatrician prescribed an Epi pen for you just in case it is a peanut allergy?
Good luck and hope it is viral....

Thank you so much for your reply!

I agree, I dont understand why I cant just have her tested. I understand it could be a false neg or positive, but still.

No, she didnt prescribe an epi pen. Im going to call the office tomorrow and tell her I want the epi pen or a referral to a pediatric allergist!

My friend basically told me what you did, about the reaction usually happening the 2nd time around. I was really hoping reactions happened the first time around. 🙁

Thank you again!

Oh, also.

At the doctors appointment, she did a ""scratch test""? on my daughter. She marked her leg with the wood par of a swab to see if it would swell. It was fine.

She said that was good and if it had swelled up, it meant it was more of a reaction to the peanut (or something). So, Im guessing since it didnt that makes her believe its viral.

Anyone know about this?

This is what happens in body:
1. Allergen enters first time-overactive immune system produces allergen specific Ige, no reaction
2. The second time allergen enters blood stream IgE is ready. It attaches itself to mast cell wall attracts the allergen and causes the mast cell to degranulate and release many different substances that cause severe reactions (ex.histamine is one of them).
The second step can take time so delayed reactions occur.

Also keep in mind peanut is a legume.

Scratch tests can be negative in people with severe reactions. Thats why you need medical history to go along with them. Lets hope it is viral, because I dont with this type of allergy for your LO. However, it doesnt hurt to have and Epi pen and draw and IgE until you know for sure. Hope it helps.