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High school Football stadiums

We have a similar situation with indoor arena with carpeted seats. They sell shelled peanuts. Manager says profits are to great to stop selling. Seriously. I hope its not a family member of his that has a reaction. We were able to get the local schools to change the oil for popcorn to soy or canola. Very happy with that. Keep pushing them to stop this sale of an unnecessary product. I am going to continue my fight. And I believe its a fight for health safety and the lives of children with known or unknown allergies to peanuts.

So there are many sides to this. One is information. A peanut shell being cracked open releases the antigens into the air, they can travel up 20 miles. So the airborne concerns should be great. Two you first want to find out who has control of the snack bar. It could be the PTA, a booster group , the athletic dept or in smaller school dists it can be an outside entity. Once you know who to address then start with asking them to remove. Go with the statistics on the % of kids with this allergy. Go for the logic and then have a list of recommendations that they could sub with equal or great profit. (cotton candy or popcorn). Three go to the coaches, the band director, the principal and go asking for their help get them on your side to find a solution that will not endanger anyone. Often people just need the knowledge and to feel like they are helping you or that they found the solution. If all else fails then turn to the parents.... Start a petition or get a group to speak up.
It seems like a big task but it can be done.

Keep your kid home if its so life threatening instead of ruiningit for everyone else.