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Is it safe to do a trial of a possible tree nut allergy myself at home?

Absolutely not! Do not try on your own. Skin tests can even be dangerous. I dont mean to scare you, but nut allergies are nothing to play with. Each time you have a reaction, you run the risk of increasing your sensitivity to the offending item and the risk of a dangerous reaction greater. Nut allergies can be life threatening. You really should see an allergist about carrying an epi-pen. Avoiding all nuts and nut products is imperative especially since you are not sure what you are allergic to. A reaction to nuts can be life threatening in minutes, faster than you can physically get to the ER, even with help. A trip to the allergist would be money well spent.

I agree with Rudy. I do not recommend doing the testing yourself. Its very dangerous. The first time you have a reaction it can be a mild one but the second one can be severe and if youre not prepared with an auto-injector then it can be potentially deadly. I understand the frustration of not be able to eat the foods that you love but its not worth your life. If you think of it that way then it will start to get easier. Ive had severe reactions and its scary. Luckily there was always someone there and they knew where my auto-injector was, otherwise I may not be here today.

Id definitely stay away from doing any self testing like that. It can be dangerous and you dont want to take any chances. If you are able to stay away from these foods while you save money to get the testing done, itll be well worth the wait.