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Making school peanut free

Im new to this community, and I also have a child with a PA. I dont have any real advice, but Ill be following this closely because my son is a school in NJ that isnt peanut free as well, and I would love to see what the process is to make the school safer for him.

My daughter is almost 3 so we dont have experience with the nut policies in the NJ public school system yet. But, I am the Support Group Leader of the ""No Nuts Moms Group of North & Central NJ""

Feel free to join and I am sure there are moms on the group that have more experience that can give you some advice! I would love to hear some of the answers as well since my daughter will be starting public school in a few years!

Well I wish I could say that my meeting went great. It was ok at best. They agreed to making teachers, parents and students more aware of food allergies. They are putting more staff on at lunch (especially the younger grades) and are talking about an awareness assembly. Other than that they wont make all classrooms peanut free unless there is a child in the class with the allergy and they wont think about stop serving pb&j or snacks with peanut products in them. They said its not fair to other students and that it will open the door to other parents that want milk or soy banned for allergy reasons. I can understand what he is saying and I know there are other allergies out there that can be dangerous like milk or eggs. I know there are lots of people that think Im being unfair. But Im just trying to eliminate some threat of cross contamination and would make it so much safer for the kids with PA and TNA. I mean if eating peanut butter means that much then bring it from home and sit on the peanut side of the room and teach your kids respect for others that can die from contact with the product not bully them!!!! I guess my next step is the Board of Ed.

You should NOT understand any such crap. The best example I have used year in and year out is : ""Look you dont allow guns in school. It is the SAME. A pb&j sandwhich is like a loaded gun pointed at my child."" I know its extreme but it tends to help the see. The other point to make is their failure to provide your child with a safe environment make them liable. That what they are CHOOSING to do is child endangerment and they should think about that each time they CHOOSE to not do the right the thing. Comparing a reaction fo hives, or even throwing up to one that leads to death is not equal. Help them understand with the numbers. Give them the facts that not only is this allergy the number one growing allergy and that death is the consequence. You have to know the law and quote the law and let them know that you will hold not only the school and the school dist but each of them personaly responsible for her life. You may want to reach out to your school dists 504 cordinator. In most cases each campus in a school dist has someone that is accountable for the day to day adminstration of a 504 but there is someone in the dist office who is responsible for knowing and up holding the laws to keep them out of trouble. I had to go so far as to include the superintendent. The adminstration understands that violating a 504 and endangering a child can cost a dist Federal Funding and that you have the right to sue as well.

Making your childs room nut free at this age is easy and there should be no tolerance for failure to comply. You need a list of what you want and have it written in your 504. As for the rest of the school I can only say that I just required that no nut products were served at my dds elementary but by middle school when they stop touching every single thing we did not ask that. I also asked that they made any one that brought nut products to go wash their hands after eating. You would have thought I asked for the world on that one. I would always remind them that I could require them to provide dd with an aide to go everywhere with her and clean all surfaces. Iasked them what would that aide cost you? So lets be reasonalbe and just do the simple things that keep her safe and do not cost the school money.

Hope it helps.