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Middle School teacher handing out pb cookies to the kids in my sons classroom,WHY?

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My mom always sets up a meeting with all of my teachers every school year. This meeting was mandatory because teachers dont know how serious peanut allergies can get. She ran through everything with the teachers and made sure they got the deal. Also, at my school they even had a peanut butter and jelly drive. Crazy right?! Sometimes people just dont understand. Having a meeting with all your kids teachers with the principal sitting in may help. Its always worked for me.

I moved and purchase the house where peanuts / tree nuts free school district is. It was not easy financially. But its worth it for us. School before was just like what you describe. I Made them to make peanuts free table. But then they remove the table sign as my son finish the Lunch. District have to understand that need for peanuts allergy otherwise everything they do will be just surface and temporary.
You might want to discuss with superintendent about 504.

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