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Yes, my daughter does have her epipen in her back pack as a backup. Of course there is also one in the nurses office with required paperwork.

Yes, my son carries two Auvi-Qs in a fanny pack around his waist. His teacher and the nurse have a copy of his Allergy Action Plan and he carries a copy with his epinephrine too. He wears it everywhere when hes not at home.

my daughter has one at school but it is the nurses office they wont let her carry it around with her.

We have several epi-pens as well as his inhaler in various locations at the school. One set is kept in his classroom, on the second floor. One set is kept in the front office, located near the playground and one set is kept in the gym teachers office. If they go on field trips or anything like that, then the teacher carries them with her. This has worked well and he is in the second grade. Granted, we have to get 3 of each just for the school, but I would rather be safe.

On a side note, at the end of each school year, I always make treat bags for the students to take home to their parents that includes a note of ""thanks"" for observing my sons allergy restrictions throughout the year when snacks are brought in. This helps keep it fresh in the parents mind and shows my appreciation for their assitance.