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oral allergy syndrome

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I had Killer 18 hr. migraines. I did all the neurological testing. I was prescribed Immitrex (which I declined to take having read that several people dropped dead from taking it, even while in their own doctors offices). I started carefully avoiding as much Manufactured Free Glutamic Acid (commonly called MSG) as possible and... no more migraines. My neurologist was surprised. I also suffer vision disturbance, heart arythmias, mood swings, icy hands and feet, concentration problems, tintinitus, and connective tissue maintenance problems from ingesting too much MSG (and only God knows what else its doing.)

My brother was told by an emergency room physician after experiencing hours of a racing heartbeat, that if they could not slow his heart within the next few hours, he would die. The emergency room team had tried several things and nothing was working. His heartbeat snapped back into rhythm for no apparent reason. To this day if he takes in MSG, which he tries very hard to avoid, it alters his heartbeat every time.

The man up the street ends up in the emergency room with asthma from MSG ingestion.

My cousins childs lupus is in remission for the first time in years after going off aspartame and avoiding MSG.

People came up to my NOMSG booths at local health fairs and volunteered that they found, that by avoiding MSG; one health disorder after another improved. Many also volunteered that family members and friends known to them, were avoiding MSG for one health problem or another, or had ""died"" from it with: strokes, heart attacks, asthma, etc.

Millions of case histories documented all over the world prove what currently accepted printed science doesnt, that is---by avoiding MSG and aspartame--- ""oh so rare"" and ""not so rare"" health disorders related to MSG and aspartame ingestion improve or disappear.

You dont need a degree or any science background to get these results, just unadulterated food and drink.

How do these people KNOW that MSG caused their problems? Simply stated, when they encountered MSG they experienced their problem whereas when they avoided it they remained symptom free.

These people were not trying to justify the continued use of a neurotoxic substance for any rea$on like government and industry scientists, they were just trying to live their lives without health problems.

What does this tell us about the testing done to validate safety that contradicts what millions with no financial interests have discovered to be true?

Forced to do their own trial and error testing, after medical science failed to restore their health to a level allowing daily life activities, they find out--on their own, one case after another, THAT AVOIDING MSG IS THE KEY.

Are the scientists eyes wide open or conveniently $hut?

I tend to put my faith in those with no financial interests in the MSG matter rather than with those who have a conflict of interest, ie. the food & glutamate industry, pharmaceutical companies, the health industries and associations, and government agencies which attest to the safety of a substance that Millions know is a bio-hazard.
No conspiracy just sound logic.

um...excuse me...a quick question...(do you need my credentials???) Im alergic to ""trees""...(I havent had much testing in the past 25 years), but I get itchy mouth/lips, when I eat raw apples, and peaches. Its usually only ""Delicious"" apples that bother me, is there any significance to this? I had a respiratory arrest to a peach once when I was a kid, but it certainly seems to correlate to the skins of both apples and peaches. may continue now, with your debate.


Pardon me for interrupting...

Your symptoms (vision disturbance, heart arhythmias, mood swings, icy hands and feet, concentration problems, tintinitus) sound an awful lot like perimenopause/menopause to me.
Im assuming youre female. Forgive me if youre not!!!!!! [img][/img]

Just an observation.

Interesting discussion going on here, BTW. I would have agreed to disagree by now. [img][/img]

LAM, I was mistakenly diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. It was actually due to the pituitary tumor. My medicine, which is a dopamine agonist, has the opposite effect of MSG. (MSG increases prolactin levels and decreases dopamine levels) I read all the books about perimenopause - my doctor even put me on birth control pills before I was diagnosed with the tumor. Now, things are back to normal. I never needed the birth control pills in the first place. These things may all be related because MSG effects the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that directs the pituitary. And the pituitary directs the other glands in the body.


Your the first person I ever heard from with high prolactin levels. I had this and was tested negative for a pituitary tumor(had MRI).
However, I do have fluctuating prolactin levels, just wondering what symptoms you have with this?


My brother, the one with the heart problems is definitely not a woman. There are NMDA receptors located on heart muscle tissue. As for the eyes glutamate is believed to be the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the retina.(Do searches on glutamate and glutamate receptors in the vertebrate retina). Again I should suffer these symptoms anytime were it just perimenopause. I dont ---its only after MSG ingestion. If I eat junkfood, ringing in the ears is one of my first symptoms.
Visit websites listed in above postings for more background information.


Delicious apples when chemically analyzed are found to contain many substances we would not choose to eat. They are treated with insecticides and fungicides, agents to prevent ripening, waxed with glutamate containing waxes, and color dyes are used--any of which in addition to any true allergy to the food might cause reactions. Unless you are anaphylactic, one way to test would be to find an abandoned fruit tree, that no one has sprayed or treated for years and test the fruit. That would help you to eliminate chemical induced reactions. A leaky gut is the basis for many food related allergies. Strengthening intestinal wall integrity is beneficial to overall health for many reasons.

Smack, high prolactin levels cause the body may think it is pregnant- thats why high prolactin may stop menstruation. It also plays havok with mood swings. It is related to the post-partum depression women feel after giving birth. My symptoms were excruciating headaches and stopped period for six months, and terrible mood swings. Due to my unusual history my doctor diagnosed me correctly right away. A CAT scan (Thats when I found out I was allergic to the dye) then the MRI confirmed it. You need a special MRI to detect it, it was only 5mm big. Now it is 2 mm big. The headaches are gone. [url=""""][/url] has a lot of info on tumors and pituitary disease in general.
Vtu1, I have started to drink a lot more water, in hopes that my many allergies may be partially due to leaky gut. I am feeling a little better, but it is still early yet. I was interested in flavenoids, as they appear to strengthen the blood brain barrier, according to new research. If that is so, maybe flavenoids may help allergic patients with leaky gut syndrome. Blueberries are reportedly high in these beneficial flavenoids. Anybody have any input on this one?

We left this strand hanging, didnt we? Some suggestions to improve intestinal integrity: try to keep yeast under control, (lot of websites on this) cut back on sugar, add acidophilus, add olive and flaxseed oil, cut back on spicy & hot food that inflames the gut, MSG also causes inflamation so cut back on MSG, see [url=""""][/url] for alias names for labeling MSG in manufactured products, drink more water, eat meals at regular intervals allowing digestive system to function better. There are lots of websites and ideas out there that can help improve leaky gut.

My daughter, age 12, recently had a reaction to a cherry (lost voice for an hour, ears itched, throat hurt). She had allergy testing and her tests came back as allergic to peanuts among pollens, molds, pets, etc. Ive never noticed any reaction to her eating peanuts in the past. the cherry reaction was due to oral allergy syndrome and is not life threatening but due to her allergy to pollens. She has been prescribed both allegra (180 mg) and zyrtec (10 mg) along with zaditor as needed and an epi-pen and a pro-air HFA as needed. Have you received any further information from your doctor? We return in 2 weeks for a follow up appt.


My son has multiple severe food allergies & on top of that, oral allergy syndrome. Your description of it sounds very similar to the one given by our allergist except that I was under the impression that oral allergy reactive foods reactions are non-life threatening. However, Im not a doctor, so please defer to your allergist for that information. Unfortunately, figuring out OAS triggers is trial & error. We skin & blood tested my sons triggers & all came back negative, which is why it was deemed OAS. We avoid them for him now, but our allergist mentioned that when he is a little older & can receive allergy shots (hes only 2 1/2 & has wicked seasonal allergies too) he may receive some relief because of the pollen/protein cross-reactivity. Our allergist even said she grew up with OAS but doesnt have any problem with it now thanks to allergy shots. Might be worth a mention to your dr. Good luck!

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