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PA Treatment Research Program (study) at Arkansas Childrens Hospital

This is very exciting. I hope that you have the same wonderful outcome that Melissa did in her study. Please come back to this site to update us as to the progress (or at least let us know when there is an update to the blog). Best of luck to you.

Care to share Melissas story?

We are relatively new to blogging and Im concerned other discussion board members would think we are SPAMMING the boards if we come here and manually post our blog updates (about 1-2 per week).

We can do that, but would like feedback from others first. In the mean time, you can also subscribe to our Blog feed using the Feedburner ""Subscribe in a reader"" link at top right of our site [url=""""]Ask About My Peanut Allergy[/url] to get automatic post notifications.

The feed URL to subscribe to Ask About My Peanut Allergy Blog is [url=""""][/url]

Again we are blogging newbies so any advice on how to easily share our blog posts here [i](if most members are OK with it)[/i] would be appreciated.

If you havent already, you can read about Melissas story in a thread called Invited to Participate in Research Study. It is on the Research board and is currently just a few threads below this one in the list. She documents the progress they went through starting from her concerns about participating in the study to their successful peanut challenge. It is long but definitely worth reading since you are embarking on the same journey.

I am not a blogging type person, so I have no comments on your blog. Melissa would post an update to her thread whenever anything significant happened in the course of the treatment. If you want to keep this forum up-to-date with the progress you are making, my suggestion would be to post a note here after a significant event. The update could either contain the details or indicate that a significant event happened and that the details can be found on your blog. As you can tell from Melissas thread, her story was closely watched by a lot of people.

Thanks for pointing us to Melissas thread about her participation in the Duke study. It appears we are direct benefactors of your brave pioneering years ago! Thank you so much for blazing the path that allowed Bo to get into his current PA treatment research study at Arkansas Childrens Hospital.

We posted an [url=""""]update today to Bos blog[/url] about his most recent visit for his peanut allergy treatment study. His daily dosage is now 749mg (more than a teaspoon) which is the equivalent of almost a whole peanut!

Plus we heard very interesting news about the results for the kids in the other peanut study going on at Arkansas Childrens Hospital.

Thank you for the update. I look forward to following your progress.

Everything I have heard about the immunotherapy studies sounds so promising. I cant wait to read their results when they are published.

I have just read some of the blog and its very impressive...I especially appreciated the Disney Dining info as we will be visiting in April...

How did you get your son started in this study? Do you know if there are any upcoming studies using this technique?