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Palmcoconut allergies

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My son has a positive RAST to coconut but hasnt reacted to it so far. We do avoid things that have coconut in it but he seems to tolerate the derivatives ok...I have been concerned about all the lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc that contain derivatives that get lathered all over his body...seems better to avoid that but hard to find shampoos, soaps, lotions,etc. that do not contain coconut derivatives...we use kiss my face olive soaps and vanicream shampoo, but I think the shampoo might have derivatives...we have been using it w/o incident so I havent checked recently.

Do you avoid lotions, etc. with coconut derivatives? If so, what do you use for shampoo, soap, skin cream, sunscreen? Thanks.

We do try to avoid them.... the soaps and shampoos Ive come across in Canada for kids doesnt seem to contain coconut.... wondering about that new foam soap I bought him now thats drying out his face really bad. Usually he uses Jergens bar soap but this was something new we tried.
The sunscreen we use is Ombrelle and Ive called to make sure its ok.
He hasnt had a rast for the coconut yet but they will be doing another round of the rast next spring when we go back again.

The nice thing I learned from the AAIA is that coconut oil is heavy and expensive to use so the companies (in Canada) are trying to get away from it even though its a healthier oil. Palm oil is high in saturated fat and they are trying to find healthier alternatives for that too in Canada at least!

Thanks - can you suggest a moisturizer? And would appreciate if you would share the name of a shampoo and soap? Maybe I can get it on line. Thanks.

I use Lubiderm for Sensitive Skin...available at Wal-Mart. No dyes, fragrances etc.

For shampoo, I use Free and Clear. Free of dyes, fragrance etc. I buy it online at


They also have conditioner, hair spray etc.

I dont know if this will help but since lotions/shampoos etc dont need to label specifically for coconut (or other food allergens for that matter) you do need to check the source of those multisyllabic ingredients. This was a list I compiled five years ago - you would need to contact the manufacturer if any of these ingredients are in your products to see what they were derived from if you need to completely avoid coconut.

Im allergic to coconut but have found an all naturl body shop that i get my soaps and things out. I use olive oil on my skin in stead of a cream or lotion. I know you said you have a son but makeup has it in it and Ive landed in the hospital from over the counter cought meds. Ive even found some toothpastes with it in it.

Joining in on the discussion. My eldest has peanut and treenut allergies, and sadly just learned that my youngest has those, plus coconut and citrus too! So sad.

Weve recently ""gone green"" around here and were using all organic cleansers. Guess what they ALL have - COCONUT. Im feeling so guilty for coating him with coconut (although I had no idea he was allergic...)

Any advice for a newbie here?

Still not alot of advice from me as were still having a hard time dealing with the coconut/palm oil allergies here. the reactions are getting worse and were finding coconut oil in the oddest foods/places - most chapsticks Im finding contain either palm oil or coconut oil.
You have to do alot of calling to manufacturers to get the ingredients.
We have an appointment with the allergist on Feb 5th so Im hoping we can get more info about it. The coconut/palm seem much more difficult to manage then the nut allergies.

Dont forget about sodium lauryl sulfate, which is derived from palm oil. It is the substance that causes foaming. I have dermatitis and believe it is from palm oil. Once I kept from eating it at home and using it in my detergent, the shampoos werent too bad since I could rinse them off. Most kids dont actually need a lot of SOAP on their bodies to get clean, we are just fooled into thinking they do! Also, beware the ""natural"" dishwashing detergents and laundry soaps...they almost ALL have palm and/or coconut oil in them. And did you know that almost every infant formula has one or the other in it? No wonder so many kids have allergies now!! The best thing was, once I eliminated MOST (unfortunately, not all) palm or coconut oil from my diet, not only did my dermatitis get under control, but the arthritis I thought I had went away too! Wish we could get Andrew Weil working on this, dont you?

Well Im a 13 yr old girl who loves all the foods Im allergic to because of this stupid coconut/palm allergy that i have. This completely sucks. Im allergic to Cornpops, movie theater popcorn, Skittles, Twizzlers, Butterfingers, Pecan Twirls, restaurant margarine (in the packages), gummy worms, ALL of the Little Debbie cakes, Oreos and Oreo Cakesters (in all of the flavors, too!), and Three Musketeers. Im not sure if Im allergic to the Three Musketeers Mint yet. The odd thing about my allergy is that I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and that has coconut in it. Hmmm... Maybe its only if I ingest it.

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