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peanuts in classroom

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You need to be as specific as possible when dealing with the school. Schools, generally, will play dumb until they are educated and mandated to change. You would think that a school administration team would be up-to-date, but sadly a lot are not. You need to have your childs allergist advocating for specific accommodations. If your daughter used clay, why couldnt all of the kids use it? Thats sloppy leadership. Get a 504 Plan, asap. Dont let anyone tell you its not needed; its your childs right to have one.

My son has a 504 and as a Kindergarten student, his Epi Pen travels with him from rook-to-room, he will have a para to monitor the activities, wipe down his tables, and make sure that their is no food sharing. I dont know how long we will keep the para but definitely for this school year and maybe next year as well.

You need to educate the teacher and work with the teacher to ensure a safe environment. Safe doesnt mean peanut-free, but it does mean smart, educated choices.

Good luck.

Im a school administrator in NYC and as progressive as this city is, people are still in the dark about food allergies.

School is ridiculous
You do not have a right to a peanut free school, your class room is a place of learning and must be safe and peanut free. Your child was basically sitting next to a poisons snake.I will inclose a link to my daughters school plan for you copy and paste
I do not want to appear rude but i find it mind boggling that the question has to be asked, no school , organization or club has ever put my daighter around peanut butter, it is like glue and oil. If something seems off to you it usually is and trust your instincts and advocate. Peanut is at number one out of worlds most dangerous foods, 3 Million Americans have tis allergy, they should be banned from schools.

It is very difficult sometimes because most people do not truly understand that a severe allergy can be fatal. They have not been educated and probably have not been exposed. I believe you should gently speak to the teachers/principal and educate them. Tell them in person the signs/symptoms and that what can occur if your child is exposed, and all it takes is another child with peanut butter on their hands. Send them an email and have it printed on paper. Have them show you how to use the Epi-Pen (you should have a trainer in the box) and when in doubt it should be used. Let them know there is a very short duration between exposure and treatment and that you dont know how severe it could be. Go to their music, PE teachers, etc and do the same. Your childs life is in their hands and they should respect your concern. You have every right to be angry but venting it will not change things...educating them will. Show them a video of what could happen. There are videos I believe on this website (or you tube) acting out a scenario of an allergic reaction. If they choose to do nothing, you need to take further action or remove her from the school. You cannot totally keep your child from being around peanuts/butter, unfortunately, but you can try your best. Educate your child as well. My daughter is a 2nd grader also with a severe peanut allergy. She will not eat anything from anyone if she is not completely sure what is in the food. If she knows there are peanuts/butter in the room, she removes herself completely. She will sometimes have kids tell her ""there are no peanuts in this"" because they do not physically see peanuts. I have told her do not eat any food unless it is okd by an adult we trust (not by kids). She needs to have her Epi Pen (and Bendadryl)on her at all times...not in the office. Another thing to think about is having the teacher notify you if there is going to be a substitute to make sure they are aware and how to handle it. Having a couple of teachers near her classroom Epi trained might be wise as well. I am so sorry this has happened. I know it is so scary. You can never rely on someone having common sense regarding this issue because like I have said, most do not understand. I will pray your school and teachers will learn about this and take great precautions and for your child to have protection over her.

Teacher should be fired that simple !

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