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Positive Skin Test, Normal Blood Results

My son had the opposite, positive blood test and negative skin test. His allergist was confident that he had outgrown his allergies, so we did an oral challenge. Guess what? He FAILED MISERABLY!!! I agree with the allergist, keep him away until both are negative 🙂

After getting a rash from peanut butter at 18mths, my daughter also had a positive skin test. A year later a blood test was done and it was negative (we were excited to think that she had grown out of this), but a follow-up skin test reacted. We were told that ""the blood tests were just not accurate for her."" At 5yrs old (another doctor) she reacted to skin tests again (no blood tests done). At 9yrs old (another doctor again) she reacted to skin tests for peanuts and had positive blood work this time, but not tree nuts. This doctor said that the blood tests pretty much tell the level at which you are allergic and would have liked to have seen more consistant blood work results. Being that they were negative at one time, there was a greater chance of outgrowing the allergy, but then the blood work was positive at 9yrs., but her tree nut blood/skin tests are now negative.