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Schools not following allergen policies

Hi Rachel, that is so incredibly frustrating. My first recommendation would be to speak with the administrators of your school but it seems that they are a part of the problem. I think that writing a letter to all of the administrators is a first step and reminding them of the dangers and liablities that they face if they continue to allow peanuts and tree nuts into a school that is supposed to be peanut-free and nut-free. If they are not willing to make the change then its time to go up the ranks to the school district. It is upsetting that the administrators of your school are so careless. With a group like that, it will take something dire to happen before they take action so if theyre not willing to do anything then I would definitely send a serious complaint to your school districts superintendent. I really hope this gets resolved for you. I feel your frustration, although I havent dealt with it at a school level, I have dealt with it in my workplace/office.

That happened in my childs school and the parents got together and complained to the superintendent of the school district. The administrators of the school let everything slide by and there were so many incidents that put the kids in danger. We would all submit complaints to them directly then we all had a meeting and decided to take action so we complained directly to the superintendent and thats when changes were quickly implemented. We havent had an issue since then.