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Student Dies Days After Reaction To Sandwich

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I am so sorry for your loss. Thank You for sharing. I know it must be hard for you right now and I am sorry for that, too. Keep in touch with us if you ever just want to talk.


This is the first I have heard about your sister. She sounds like a beautiful person.

Adele spoke the truth when she said, ""We are a community here and every death from food allergy hits hard.""

Every death takes a small piece of my heart. Yet in a way it makes me stronger in my vigilance which I in turn pass on to my daughter.

I didnt know Amanda but she and your family will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.

In Sympathy,

Whether the sign was there before or after is probably not extemely important. Im sure your sister was careful all the time anyway.

And over the years, as a group, we have seen that asthma does make reactions worse.


I never knew of this forum. But I understand all of your questions for seeking all available information that could save another. I was Amandas boyfriend for 5 years until 3 months before this. Simply to allow ourself at 18 to spread our wings and hopefully come back to each other. Worst decision of my life. As amy stated her reaction to nuts was extremely dangerous since the day we met she never had a epi pen. She was strict and taught me everything dos and donts we were joint at the hips. As any said things pointed more toward the muffins as they were surround by but toppings etc also cross contamination risk. In a not sinister way a friend offered her to try it and she did. It wasnt bought by herself.
U cant get a cross in words the person Amanda was and becoming genuinely the nicest person in the room. Even as a young kid having tough early teens with my mother passing. I had a reputation and she changed me and got me on the right way. Beautiful and yes buffy as she was indentical. Even till today where I have my own family now I still frequently talk or mention her. Still have our photos.

Amy if you see this reach out be good to hear from u and always say hi to your mum and dad from me xx

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