September 20, 2023

A Food Allergy Home Test Kit Can Be Life Changing

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Take control of your food allergies! Get results in ten days and change your life forever! If you are tempted to use a home testing kit to check for food allergies, you may want to think again.

At-Home Test Kits Are Affordable And Pain-Free

Home testing kits have gained in popularity for several reasons. First, they are generally affordable. Costing $85 to $300, they are not cost-prohibitive. If you don’t have insurance and don’t have a compelling reason for a doctor to order the tests, this is a small investment toward good health. Second, you don’t have to tolerate a medical doctor who may not share your holistic approach or work with a doctor you may not trust for whatever reason. Third, it’s easy and painless compared to the itchy back scratch tests. Just prick your finger, mail in the sample and wait for the results.

Results Need Professional Interpretation

But, as with all allergy tests, results are in need of interpretation. What may appear to be an allergy may actually not be one. A good allergist needs to take a medical and personal health history and interpret the results with that information in hand. When you consider the possibility of a life-threatening allergy and death by anaphylactic shock, perhaps an impersonal computer-generated lab report isn’t good enough.

Consult With A Doctor

Furthermore, every at-home test kit advises consultation with a doctor and not to self-diagnose allergy. Why not start there in the first place?

If you know you don’t have a life-threatening food allergy and suspect mild food intolerances are causing your headaches or bloating, then maybe this test is for you. The results would help you modify your diet and make lifestyle changes. Just don’t use the test to save your life.

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