September 20, 2023

Get ahead in planning the perfect Valentine’s dinner

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It’s the most romantic evening of the year, and you’re not going to let anything spoil it!

Valentine’s Day. With a little planning, even a food sensitivity or food allergy is not going to get in your way.

Read labels carefully

Many candies are produced in factories where nuts and peanuts are handled. Especially at this time of year, reading labels is vitally important. Try Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate, A&J’s Fancy Pants Bakery, FAB Snacks, and Amanda’s Own Confections for all kinds of allergen-sensitive Valentine’s sweets.

Try out a new restaurant ahead of time

Eating out at a new restaurant can cause a lot of anxiety for a person with food allergies. Call ahead and talk to the restaurant manager. Explain the nature of the allergy and what could happen if your date is exposed. Ask if menu items can be modified. Ask how much cross-contamination there is in the kitchen. If the fish she’s allergic to is cut on the same board as the vegetables, go find another restaurant. It’s best to find restaurants that prepare food fresh and from scratch. They are much better able to modify ingredient and answer questions about meal content.

Get creative with foodless alternatives

Skip food altogether. Flowers or a plant might be the way to go. Put together a mix of plants on your own, or create a terrarium. Or, you could try an adventure together, like skydiving or dual massage. Even with spa treatments, call to check on the ingredients. Sometimes, allergens are in oils and scents.

Stay healthy and safe

Nothing could be more unsexy than an evening in the emergency room. Plan ahead and be sure to find out where any necessary medications are. It could be a night to remember!

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