September 20, 2023

Healthy alternatives to dairy milk

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Many people are passing on dairy for a variety of reasons.

It is one of the most common food allergies for adults and children. Lactose intolerance can make dairy consumption painful. Vegans don’t use it. Some people just want to avoid hormones and antibiotics found in conventional milk.

When you pass on dairy, you give up a convenient and nutritious food source. But the good news is there are tasty and healthful alternatives to getting your vitamin D and calcium.

Soy milk

This is probably the most recognized dairy alternative. While soy is high on the allergy list, many people do prefer this easy-to-find substitute. It is made from the extract of soybeans. It has a similar nutritional makeup as dairy milk and is usually fortified with calcium, vitamins A and D, and riboflavin. Additionally, soy isoflavones may be beneficial to preventing heart disease and decreasing breast cancer. Increased soy consumption may also curb the effects of menopause.

Almond milk

While almond milk has less protein than dairy and soy, its flavor and texture are very close to those of cow milk, making it a really good substitute for drinking and cooking. It also has a third of the calories of 2-percent milk. It has a third of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin E, but not many other vitamins. It’s not a good choice for infants as a result. Almond milk is made from ground almonds with water and some sweetener. Similar nut milks include cashew, hazelnut and walnut.

Rice milk

A great choice for children, rice milk is the most hypoallergenic of the milk alternatives. It is usually free of soy, gluten, nuts and dairy components. It is high in carbohydrates and low in protein. It has a watery consistency, which does not make it a good choice for baking – although it does make a nice ice cream.

Other varieties

Hemp milk is made from hulled hemp seeds, water and sweetener. It’s good for protein but not calcium. Quinoa milk, oat milk, and potato milk are all available. Seven-grain milk is made from oats, rice, wheat, barley, triticale, spelt and millet. There is also sunflower milk to consider.

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