A medical ID card can make a real difference in an emergency. In fact, any type of medical identification (dog tags, temporary tattoos, medical alert bracelets, necklaces, medical charms, cards or stickers) can help medical technicians in addressing an urgent care need.

Many Sites Provide Free Forms For ID Cards

Med IDs, Arcadia ID, and Men’s Health have easy-to-fill-out forms in which you can put your name and address, primary doctor and insurance as well as medical conditions like life-threatening allergies or even Alzheimer’s. There is space for past episodes as well as current medications.

This form can be printed out at home, cut down to wallet size and kept in your wallet, purse or backpack. This type of form is appropriate for anyone of any age with a medical condition that urgent care providers would need to know about in case of incapacity.

Other Products Can Make A More Fashionable Statement

Many websites also sell medical alert bracelets, laminated covers for the cards or bag-tag-like covers for the card so that you can hang it on your backpack or carry-on luggage. There are so many bracelets available now in so many fashionable styles, they will largely go unnoticed until someone is looking for it. Bracelets for little girls have ribbons and sequins – lots of bling to satisfy picky fashionistas.

The Card Speaks For You when You Cannot

In the event that you or a loved one can’t answer the important, lifesaving questions, make sure the information is available. The cheap and easy way to do it is to print a card at home and keep it with you always.

“I’ve seen many situations in which emergency identification has saved lives,” explained Bill Abo, an emergency-medical-service specialist at the University of Pittsburgh. “Without it, treatment might be delayed.”

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