There are many different causes of skin allergies in children.

An allergy that affects the skin can result in a rash and itching, and the itching can be very intense. Sometimes it affects only one part of the body, but it can also be on the trunk, face, arms, and legs.

Hives are often an allergic reaction of some type as well. These raised welts can itch intensely. Another type of rash does not itch, but it can be painful.

Food allergies can result in rashes and hives on the skin

Sometimes when a child eats a food that she is allergic to, a skin rash or hives appear on the skin not long after eating a particular food. It can happen if the child has a peanut allergy or an allergy to milk, wheat, or other foods.

Eggs, chocolate, shellfish or something else that the child ate should be suspected as the cause of the skin reaction. Hives can be a sign of a serious allergic reaction.

Most of the time, hives are not dangerous

According to the Mayo Clinic, hives are not usually dangerous. The exception is when serious swelling in the throat or tongue, called angioedema, develops. The airway is then blocked and emergency treatment is needed immediately. This reaction sometimes happens during anaphylaxis.

Once you know that your child has food allergies, such as a peanut allergy, you need to carry epinephrine with you at all times. You also need to send it with your child if he is visiting a grandparent or attending school.

Other causes of skin allergies in kids

Children can also develop allergies to milk, and these usually appear in infancy. Babies who develop rashes and eczema that is present with vomiting and fussiness often have milk allergies. In this case, the pediatrician often recommends substituting soy or other type of formula for regular formula.

More reasons why a child may develop a skin allergy

Skin rashes and hives in children are difficult to diagnose because young children typically have several rashes during their preschool years. Most pediatricians want to see the rash to diagnose the cause of it.

Skin rashes and hives can be signs of an allergy to animal dander from dogs or cats, or they can be cause by allergies to wool, metal or plastic. Children who are allergic to dust mites may also develop rashes if their pillow or mattress is infested with these insects.

Insect allergies can also be a cause of rashes and hives

Fleas, ticks, and mites can cause serious allergic reaction in a child. If a pet has fleas that are in carpet or on the floor where the child plays, they can bite the child and cause a severe reaction.

Children playing outside may be stung by a bee or other insect and develop a skin reaction as well. Anyone with a serious insect allergy needs to carry epinephrine with them at all times to use if they are stung. An emergency follow-up visit to the emergency room is also required.

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