September 20, 2023

What Information Goes on a Medical Bracelet?

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Anyone with a severe food allergy should wear a medical bracelet at all times.

This is true for children and adults. Young children are not able to verbalize their allergic symptoms or what the result of these could be. Also, both adults and children need a fast response when they have accidentally consumed a food that could result in death. Neither group is able to talk at a time when their mouth and throat are swollen, or when they have gone into a coma.

Information on a Medical Bracelet

If you or your child carries a epinephrine auto-injector in your purse, pocket or book bag, the bracelet should instruct medical personnel to inject ephinephrine as soon as possible. More than 75 percent of paramedics and emergency room physicians look for a bracelet or necklace with medical information before assessing the patient’s condition. An online survey found that 95 percent of these responders look on the patient’s wrist, whereas 68 percent look on the patient’s neck for a medical ID.

A new feature that has recently become available on medical bracelets is your interactive health record. It includes a website where your health record can be accessed along with your user name and PIN. Medical personnel can quickly enter this information and see which types of allergies you have, medication that you take, emergency contacts and care instructions. The bracelet may also contain your physician’s contact number and facts about your medical insurance.

Personalizing Your Bracelet

You may want to keep your bracelet simple with the fewest amount of words that provide vital information about you. Fewer words can make your bracelet easier to read so that your medical treatment begins sooner. If you have a food allergy, the type of allergy should be listed on your bracelet. If you have epinephrine in your pocket, list this as well. Have your name engraved on the bracelet, as well as your phone number and the phone number of your closest relative. You should also have your doctor’s name and phone number listed on the bracelet.

You can order a classic silver ID bracelet with a chain and closure if you like this style, but there are many other types of medical bracelets available today. Some are made with stainless steel mesh, leather, beads, or have a charm dangling from them. A medical bracelet will look a lot like any other bracelet, and most people will not know that you are wearing a medical bracelet unless you point it out to them. If an emergency does occur, paramedics and other medical personnel will see the information on your bracelet that could very well save your life.

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