A new study in India says that one in 7 people there suffers from a serious allergy. The World Allergy Organization says that about 40 percent of people globally have a severe allergy requiring medical attention when triggered. Now, a clinical laboratory in India has identified that their country’s population may be one of the most allergy-prone, with a rate of 1 in 7.

The tests on 20,293 blood samples revealed that 15.7% of people had allergy. While 43.93% of those tested positive suffered from dust allergy, 20.6% were allergic to pollens, 10.5 % to fungus and 10.3% to animal dander.

“It means one in seven people are suffering from one or the other kind of allergy at any given point of time and our body is intolerant to several substances it is exposed to. Such a high number clearly indicates that immunity levels of people are low and factors like pollution and dust are causing severe complications,” said Dr Deepak Sanghavi, deputy chief of lab services, Metropolis Healthcare, which conducted the study.

The study points to the increased level of pollutants in the air, complicating allergies for those genetically predisposed to them, and the general weather patterns of India in combination. Most of those with allergies had respiratory allergy symptoms or diagnosis.

The study has been openly published online.

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