An ad for EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors was recently pulled after it caused an uproar among parents of children with serious food allergies. Although it can no longer be found on TV, the commercial is still posted to YouTube.

In the ad, a smiling mom is driving her son to a birthday party. Along the way, she comments “Should be pretty awesome, right? Even with your peanut allergy and a cake made with who-knows-what. Because we’re prepared, right Dave?” She concludes “We have an EpiPen,” as if to suggest that the epinephrine pen, used to reverse the symptoms of an allergic reaction, makes it acceptable for him to knowingly eat food containing peanuts.

While carrying an EpiPen can give those with serious food allergies peace of mind, the epinephrine auto-injector should not be seen as a “Band-Aid,” saysThe Stir.Carrying an EpiPen doesn’t allow those with food allergies to avoid monitoring what they eat, though the ad suggests that this may be possible. Parents who are outraged over the ad point out that it’s not okay to be complacent about food allergens simply because you have the antidote. Allergic reactions can move so quickly that those affected can wind up in the hospital even if there is an Epi-Pen nearby, points outThe Stir.

What do you think of the EpiPen commercial? Does the ad trivialize food allergies?

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