For many allergy sufferers, whether it be pollen or foods, getting a regular shot to help reduce reactions is an inconvenient but necessary part of their lives. For some, though, that is changing as the needle is replaced with tongue drops.

With sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), the needle of the subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) is replaced with drops under the tongue. Studies are beginning to show that the SLIT option is as effective as SCIT for some allergy sufferers and, more significantly, is safe for young children.

So far, SLIT is still considered experimental, but research is promising and many who are in clinical trials are finding it to be a far better alternative to shots.

The therapy is being tested in Georgia right now – for peanut allergies, in fact – as a simpler way to help build tolerance without the dangers of unmeasured raw foodstuffs or the pinprick required for SCIT.

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