Adrenaline injectors are commonly carried by those who have been diagnosed with a severe allergy. An injection of the adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, can stop a dangerous allergic reaction. If you carry one of these, you trust it to deliver life-saving medication, if needed.

If you carry an Anapen brand epinephrine injector, consult with your doctor, as it was recently revealed that there is a fault with the product. According to theBBC,people using Anapen epinephrine injectors are now being warned that the product may not deliver a shot of epinephrine quickly enough.

The problem was apparently detected during testing by the manufacturer, Owen Mumford. According to Gerald Heddell, of the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, explained “This is a precautionary recall.” Patients are being advised to keep their Anapens, and to use it if needed, until they see their doctor and receive a new epinephrine injector.

Anapens are believed to be used by approximately 35,000 people. No patients have come forward to report problems using their Anapen. However, the possibility exists that a patient who uses an Anapen to treat a severe allergic reaction will find that the device does not deliver enough medication quickly enough to stop the reaction.

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