Surrounded by a room full of allergy advocates, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed SB 1421 into law, making Arizona the seventeenth state in the U.S. to have or be considering a law allowing schools to stock epinephrine.

The law in Arizona allows schools to stock and administer epinephrine for emergency use and creates a legal buffer to reduce liability when they are used. It also provides funding for training programs and access to programs that provide the epinephrine auto-injectors for free.

Creating a safer classroom

Advocates surrounding the governor as she signed included members of the Arizona Food Allergy Alliance, the Arizona Asthma & Allergy Institute, and the Alvernon Allergy & Asthma P.C. Also in attendance were Adrianna Aguirre and her mother Karen Brown (pictured at left). Adrianna was the inspiration for the law, as her severe anaphylactic episode (and lack of immediate access to epinephrine at school) literally crippled her, as she now requires 24-hour care.

“We are so appreciative of the Governor and the Arizona Legislature who made a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of Arizona’s children,” says Lisa Horne, president and founder of the Arizona Food Allergy Alliance. “This new law will help schools prepare for unexpected life-threatening reactions, which are becoming more common at schools and occurring in children who may not know they are allergic.”

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