The Australian Federal MP is asking the Senate to review hospital food administration and medication, particularly anaphylaxis management. The bid is to improve medical center standards and better equipped to handle patients with food allergies.

Anna Burke, the MP, told Australian news outlets that she’d heard the news about the death of Louis Tate. Tate was a 13 year old boy who died in October at a hospital after being given food he was allergic to and having his anaphylaxis mishandled by hospital staff. The boy’s death is under investigation.

Burke cites concerns among the allergy commnunity about risks in hospitals.

Ms. Burke’s calling on the Senate is aimed towards ensuring that patients with anaphyactic reactions can be properly handled by staff in hospitals. She says she will seek the support of Australia’s health minister, Sussan Ley. Discussions are ongoing.

The Australian Senate has the power to require hospitals undergo changes in their policy.

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