September 28, 2023

Australian politician lobbying to create national food allergy register

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An Australian MP from Chisholm has submitted a motion to establish a national register and model of care for food allergy management.

This week being Food Allergy Week in Australia, MP Anna Burke hopes to press for a more comprehensive Aussie plan to help those suffering from dangerous food allergies.

Burke’s son, John, has a severe peanut allergy, which the politician discovered when he was just 14 months old, after he went into anaphylaxis when his sister fed him peanut butter toast. The boy, now 12, continues to have peanut and tree nut allergies. His brother also has food allergies.

National register would highlight impact of food allergies

The national register, Burke says, would provide a clearer picture of the impact of food allergies on Aussies.

“We’ve got it all anecdotally,” she says, “but to prove to policymakers and treasurers that there should be money spent on this, you need concrete data.”

Australia has one of the highest incidences of food allergies in the world, according to WHO. A public information session regarding Burke’s proposal opened today.

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