New research shows that those with celiac disease are far more likely to have asthma as well. The research further postulates that the cause is the digestive disorder itself, making for a clear correlation.

Researchers compared over 28,000 Swedes diagnosed with celiac disease with over 140,000 healthy control subjects. Because celiac patients are likely to have low vitamin D levels and are associated with higher risks of osteoporosis and tuberculosis, researchers in this new study are expecting that D also plays a role in asthma.

“Another potential mechanism could be that asthma and celiac disease share some immunological feature. If you have it, you are at increased risk of both diseases,” said the lead researcher for the study.

Gluten may be associated with asthma.

There has long been an expected association between gluten and asthma, though research has thus far not proven that. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation suggests the link, however, due to some findings that asthma sufferers have less severe reactions when gluten is not included in their diets.

Asthma itself is intimately associated with food allergies, with about half of all asthmatics having a reported food allergy.

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