September 28, 2023

Colorado Mom Creates Switch Witch Halloween Tradition for Allergies and Health

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Audrey Kinsman, a Colorado mom and former Goldman Sachs banker, came up with a new Halloween tradition to help her son get through the holiday despite his food allergies. The result is Switch Witch, which is now being sold in stores.

Kinsman created the idea and the Switch Witch kit because she was tired of seeing her son return home from Halloween trick-or-treating only to find out that he could not eat most of the candy he’d procured.

Switchcrafting was born as a way to swap candy for something else.

Kinsman created a Switch Witch figure which would magically “swap” candy for toys, books, games, and other items that were safe and fun. She showed the idea to other moms of children with food allergies and it took off.

“The storytelling involved in our new Switch Witch Halloween tradition has really been a labor of love,” Kinsman said. “What started for my family as a personal health issue, has now become a product and story that every child and family can embrace in a creative way. We are thrilled with the retail support and look forward to a successful Halloween season.”

In addition to the Switch Witch kits, Kinsman and her new company have parntered with Operation Shoebox, which creates care packages and gift boxes for U.S. troops. The program encourages parents to donate the switched candy to the Shoebox.

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