September 28, 2023

Crowd-funded DVD Set Educates Children About Food Allergies

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In what may be the first video of its kind, food allergy advocate Kyle Dine has assembled what he’s learned in doing a decade of awareness assemblies at schools.

After 600 school assemblies talking about food allergies, Dine hosted a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce a video about food allergies. That video has now been released. His You Must Be Nuts! assembly presentation has been performed in schools across the nation at all grade levels. The video aims to reproduce that in a format accessible by children in all gradeschool grades.

“I visit over a hundred schools a year reaching tens of thousands of students and am excited to think that this video will reach even more,” admits Dine. “This video can be shown in classrooms and contains the same topics presented in my school assemblies along with quizzes and a teacher resource guide.”

2-disc DVD aims to different audiences.

The two-disc DVD set includes a video aimed at younger students, aged 4-7, and another aimed at older students, aged 8-11. This allows formatting that speaks to the children at their level.

The content covers common allergens, symptoms of allergic reactions, emergency procedures, and reinforces key school policies such as no sharing food and hand washing. Conveying such big topics isn’t easy, but Dine gives credit to his cast of zany sidekicks; “The songs are effective at reinforcing key messages, but the real superstars are the puppets who make learning fun and engaging for kids!” Dine notes. English, Spanish, German, and French versions are available.

The DVD can be found on Dine’s website

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