A mother in Chile began feeding her daughter donkey’s milk after she was told it could replace human breast milk when her baby reacted to formula. “It was a miracle,” she said.

The replacement is not new. Donkey’s milk has been considered a human breast milk replacement for centuries. It’s believed that it was used for this purpose by the ancient Egyptians and may pre-date them as well.

Her need became a distribution business to help others with the same need.

After learning about and experiencing donkey’s milk and its benefits for her daughter, the Chilean mother decided to help others as well. As a result, she now distributes about ten gallons of donkey’s milk to other parents every day.

Unlike goat’s milk or similar alternatives to cow or human breast milk, donkey’s milk has differing enzymes and a different lactose, so it is nearly always tolerated by those who have a lactose intolerance for cow or human milk. Donkey milk has less fat than human breast milk, but is otherwise similar in composition to human breast milk.

The happenings in Chile are the latest in a global re-understanding of donkey’s milk.

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