End Allergies Together (EAT), a non-profit dedicated to funding food allergy research, has announced an educational campaign to raise awareness. The campaign focuses on a national grassroots effort.

The We Want a Cure! campaign will include the release of a new social portal online and the development of a partnership program targeting community organizations nationally. The portal will encourage people to share stories about their food allergies and post videos explaining why they want a cure for food allergies.

The Street Team Initiative targets grassroots promotion of the new web portal and campaign.

Speaking directly to the people affected by food allergies nationwide, through various grassroots organizations, EAT hopes to grow its portal of sharing virally. Launching in New York, the campaign will become national, hitting fifteen cities by September 15th.

EAT has initiated a partnership program with outreach to local organizations and businesses to include allergy centers, grocery stores, schools, and libraries. Information on food allergies and how people can help fund research will be propagated through these partnerships.

EAT donates 100% of net proceeds to promising allergy research.

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