September 26, 2023

Expectant Mother With Severe Food Allergies Lives on Big Macs

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When Suzanne Franklin learned she was pregnant, she immediately began wondering how she would eat for two. The 23-year-old suffers from severe food allergies. In the past, she’s had reactions to everything from peanuts to eggs to dairy. Even fruit and vegetables can cause an allergic reaction, leaving her in fear of eating.

After she became pregnant, doctors warned her that the antihistamines she usually took when experiencing a reaction could harm her unborn baby. She also learned that pregnancy could exacerbate her symptoms. Franklin turned to the one food she’d never had an allergic reaction to: McDonald’s burgers.

She ate a Big Mac burger every day throughout her pregnancy before giving birth to 10lb 2oz Harry, dubbed “burger boy.” After giving birth, she commented on her unusual diet: “All those burgers definitely didn’t do him any harm. It was the only thing I could eat safely during my pregnancy, so I just lived on them.”

Franklin has suffered from severe allergies since she was a toddler. She said: ‘I ate a chocolate covered peanut when I was two years old and it sent my body into anaphylactic shock and I had to be rushed straight to hospital,” she said, recounting that the doctors told her parents she was “lucky to be alive.” Because of that first allergic reaction, she was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, and began carrying an Epi-Pen with her at all times.

By her teenage years, she’d also developed allergies to fish, alcohols, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. “I became absolutely terrified of eating, as I just seemed to be allergic to everything,” she said. But then she discovered that she was able to eat Big Mac burgers without a reaction. When she became pregnant, she turned to burgers, saying “I was just desperate to keep eating so that the baby could grow, so I just forced down burger after burger each day.”

Baby Harry, who is now three months old, has already showed signs that he may have inherited some of his mother’s food allergies. He has already developed allergies to several different kinds of milk. His mother says “I had hoped that Harry wouldn’t be allergic to all the foods that I am, but it looks as though he may have inherited some of them. But at least he won’t be allergic to burgers.”

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