September 28, 2023

FARE, MenuTrinfo collaborate on food service training, testing

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Food Allergy Research & Education has partnered with MenuTrinfo to offer the company’s AllerTrain services to food service operations.

This partnership is part of FARE’s College Food Allergy Program but is not limited to that program.

Program offers allergen-free certification

MenuTrinfo and its AllerTrain program offer training for food handlers and departments in classroom settings, through live webinars, and through personalized instruction. The program is designed for management, chefs, and food service employees to understand safe handling and delivery procedures for meals that are allergen-free or restricted. The AllerTrain programs are broken into programs for specific institutions, including a K12 program for K-12 schools, a U program for universities and a U Condensed program for faster implementation. These programs have been certified by the American Culinary Federation.

Graduate kitchens and institutions from these programs are three-year-certified as food-allergen-trained, allowing their customers to be assured that food is handled in a safe, allergy-aware manner.

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