The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted tests on dark chocolates sold in the United States and found that many contained enough undeclared milk to trigger allergies in some people.

Researchers tested 100 dark chocolate bars sold around the country. Those labeled as having dairy products in them, the researchers found, contained milk as stated. Many that were unclear about their dairy content, however, did contain milk despite their labels and ingredients not listing it specifically.

Traces of milk found high enough to trigger reactions

In the chocolate bars tested that declared themselves to be dairy-free or allergen-free, two of them contained milk. Worst of all, though, may of the chocolate bars that declared “traces of milk” contained dairy levels high enough to trigger severe reactions in some people.

FDA spokesman and researcher Binaifer Bedford said “because consumers can’t be sure that a statement about milk is completely accurate, they may want to contact the manufacturer to find out how it controls for allergens such as milk during production.

Source: ConsumerUpdates.

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