The Food and Drug Administration is warning that lupin, a common gluten substitute in many foods, may cause allergic reactions in some people – often severe. People with peanut allergies are at heightened risk.

Lupin has been commonly used in Europe for some time, but is only recently becoming popularized as a gluten alternative in the United States. The legume is made into a flour to replace gluten-containing flours, but because it’s a legume, it’s related to the peanut and other legumes and so could trigger allergic reactions in some who eat it. The FDA warns that people with peanut allergies are not the only ones susceptible, however, as cases where people without peanut allergy having reactions to lupin have been reported.

The FDA’s statement on lupin, which can be read here, says that they are monitoring the food as a potential allergen to be listed on food labeling. For now, it is not required, however, and only appears in the ingredients list.

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