The University of Michigan has renamed its Food Allergy Center in honor of Mary H. Weiser’s advocacy. Weiser serves as the center’s Advocate and Fundraising Chair.

The Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center will continue its mission of research and advocacy for severe food allergies. The Weiser family has donated significant amounts of time and money towards that effort, and UM alumni Ambassador Ronald N. Weiser and his wife, Eileen, have donated $9.5 million towards that end. Mary and her husband, Marc, have donated an additional $500,000.

Ambassador Weiser said: “We hope that this gift will have a positive impact on this epidemic of food allergies. We hope it also encourages others to support the university, as we have.”

Mary became an advocate for her daughter

Like many food allergy advocates, Mary Weiser became an “allergy mom” the hard way and quickly came to realize the plight of thousands of children across the U.S. At one year of age, Weiser’s daughter had a severe reaction to eggs which began a journey down a road where the family discovered that the girl has several food allergies ranging from moderate to severe. Her son also developed food allergies.

Since then, Mary has worked hard as an advocate for allergies and was instrumental in the formation of the Food Allergy Center now named in her honor. The Weiser family, many of whom are alumni of the University of Massachusetts, have been long-time contributors and influencers at the school.

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