A Plain City, Ohio, mother of two boys with food allergies has requested that Angel Services Dogs in Colorado train a food-sniffing dog for her boys. The dog is being trained now.

Cindy Gordon, whose sons Carson, 5, and Benjamin, 3, have severe peanut allergies (Benjamin has others as well), is worried about what will happen when her sons begin school. She decided that a dog trained to sniff out minute amounts of the allergens would be the answer and has commissioned one.

The family is currently raising money to pay for the dog and its training, which runs nearly $20,000 in total. The dog is being trained to specifically trigger on those things which her boys are allergic to. If the training works, it could create new avenues for allergy sufferers looking for a way to protect themselves.

The dog, Gia, will alert the boys that something is wrong if they are near an item that could trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

“Kids want to be kids,” Gordon told a local news station. “It’d bring a lot of normalcy back for them.”

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