Traveling can be especially harrowing for those with a severe food allergy. Add to that the language barriers often encountered while abroad. Several options are available for travelers, however, including the use of specially-made “food photo cards” for conveying food allergies quickly and without confusion.

The idea behind food cards is that explaining your allergy to wait staff or hotels while traveling in foreign locales can be difficult and often leads to confusion. Food cards alleviate that by giving the traveler a fast, simple way to convey allergy information clearly.

Available everywhere.

Food allergy cards can be found in many outlets, including some airport terminal stores. Amazon, for example, has several food allergy card makers listed with cards available in a variety of languages for a variety of allergies. Because photos are universal, these cards can be especially effective.

The card above is from and shows what these food allergy cards can do. The information is quickly displayed in pictoral form with an explanation in both the user’s native language (English) and the destination’s language (Dutch).

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