Frito-Lay has announced a new initiative to validate that many of their products are gluten-free, and begin labeling packages as such. Many of the company’s snacks – which include Fritos corn chips and Lay’s potato chips – do not contain gluten ingredients.

According toMarket Watch,the new initiative does not include removing gluten from products, but rather validating that products which do not contain gluten ingredients are in fact gluten free. Their testing process has been developed with input from the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) and the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP). Products tested to contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten will be labeled “gluten free,” in accordance with the FDA’s proposed rule for gluten free labeling.

Kari Hecker Ryan, PhD, RD, who serves as Frito-Lay’s group manager of nutrition science and regulatory affairs, commented “We understand that living with gluten sensitivities can present some challenges, and when you or a loved one is diagnosed it can be overwhelming and confusing. We are doing our due diligence to ensure that our validated products comply with the proposed standards by testing ingredients and finished products, so the shopper can trust our gluten free claim.”

Marilyn Geller, chief operating officer of Celiac Disease Foundation, explained “Frito-Lay will make label reading especially easy for gluten sensitive consumers, as it is starts to include its own Gluten Free symbol or claim on qualified snack products,” continuing, “We thank Frito-Lay for their support of our mission to raise awareness and increase the rate of diagnosis.”

Alice Bast, president of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, commented “The transition to the gluten free diet is easier when familiar brands already in the pantry make a gluten free commitment. Frito-Lay’s effort to provide its customers with easy-to-access information is commendable and we would like to see more national brands embrace this level of clarity.”

The gluten-free labeling is expected to be phased in over time. Visit Frito-Lay’s website (…) for updated information about which products are gluten free.

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