Did you know that your birth month may be the cause of your allergies? Numerous studies suggest a link between temperature, sunshine, seasonal foods, and other factors related to birth month and babies’ development of allergies.

Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, the season of your birth may still affect your fate. Studies suggest that birth month can be linked with temperament, longevity, and even whether you are susceptible to certain health problems. These are triggered not by the planetary alignment when you were born, but to prenatal exposure and exposure soon after birth, says theLos Angeles Times.

Babies born in the Fall (from September 23 to December 21) may be more susceptible to allergies. According to Dutch, Japanese, and Scandinavian studies, children born in the fall or winter have a higher rate of food allergies than summer babies.

Allergy expert Dr. Milo Vassallo examined the files of more than 1,000 people who visited emergency rooms with severe food allergy reactions. He found that being born in the fall or winter was associated with a 53% higher chance of having a food allergy. He believes that the cause could be seasonal fluctuations in vitamin D, which supports the immune system. Sunlight is a significant source of vitamin D, so babies born in the fall or winter have lower levels of this vitamin early in life. Dr. Vassallo notes that this risk depends on climate, concluding “Children born in the fall and winter in Boston may be at increased risk than those in Los Angeles.”

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