Have you noticed a growing trend towards the absence of salt in restaurants? In theMontreal Gazette,one writer recently related the tale of one Montreal restaurant that ‘doesn’t serve salt.’ He speculates that this may become more and more common as a sign of the next food fad: salt avoidance.

Those with celiac disease and wheat intolerance have long been irked by people who say they’re allergic to wheat because they’re on a wheat-free fad diet. In the future, might people fake a salt allergy to get out of eating salt?

In the United States and Britain, there are already efforts underway to cut salt in packaged foods and restaurants. In New York, a congressman has proposed legislation banning all salt in restaurant kitchens. While it’s true that many packaged foods are loaded with sodium, salt has long been a staple of the human diet.

“How long before there are peanut-style warnings saying “This product was made near potato chips and may contain traces of salt?” he asks. Or, “How long before parents complain their kids have salt allergies and demand salt-free school menus and de-salted pretzels on airlines?”

What do you think? Is a salt ‘allergy’ the next big thing?

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