September 28, 2023

Julie Bowen of ‘Modern Family’ gives voice to enhanced e-book on food allergies

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Emmy Award-winning actress Julie Bowen, who stars in the comedy series Modern Family on ABC, has joined a cast of voices narrating an enhanced e-book (electronic book) aimed towards educating readers about food allergies.

In the book, Bowen focuses on anaphylaxis awareness as the mother of a child with life-threatening allergies. Bowen’s oldest son has a severe peanut allergy, as do one in 13 children in the United States.

According to a description of the book: “The e-book, titled The Adventures of Ana and Phyl: The Carnival, follows brother and sister duo Ana and Phyl Axis as they work with parents, teachers and other children to plan an allergy-friendly event at their school. Through the story, readers learn about the importance of avoiding people’s allergens, knowing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, having access to two epinephrine auto-injectors and being prepared to respond if anaphylaxis occurs.”

The book and its educational materials can be downloaded for free at

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