Cannabis is beginning to be legalized and accepted globally and as its legal acceptance grows, so does its probability of coming into contact with more people.

According to a recent review in the journalĀ Revue Francaise d’Allergologie, allergic reactions to marijuana are beginning to get noticed by researchers who are now studying its affects.

Allergies to cannabis increasing

“Allergy to illicit drugs and narcotics has rarely been reported in the medical literature. Nevertheless, in the past few years there appears to be a considerable increase in the prevalence of this allergy, in particular, allergy to Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp) is growing,” reads the study’s abstract.

The Belgian researchers behind the review looked at the literature and found that cannabis reactions provide some insight into the potential of cross-reactivity with other pollens and foods.

The researchers will present their full study to the 2014 Congress of French-speaking Allergists, which takes place on April 16.

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