September 28, 2023

More than 50 FARE Walk for Food Allergy events happening in the next three months

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The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Walk for Food Allergy fundraising program brings together thousands of people to raise funds and awareness for food allergies.

The national program is one of the leading creators of educational resources, advocacy programs and research investors nationally in the food allergy sphere.

Family-friendly events raising awareness and money

More than 50 walks to raise money and awareness are happening nationally in the next three months. Each is a family-friendly event that gives parents, children and advocates a chance to raise awareness of food allergies while raising money for the cause.

“A food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room every three minutes,” said John L. Lehr, chief executive officer of FARE. “Sadly, children with food allergies know that one bite of the wrong food could have dangerous consequences, including anaphylaxis, a potentially deadly reaction. But it does not have to be that way. We are making great progress in developing life-saving treatments and programs. Thanks to our generous sponsors and dedicated supporters, the day will come when we say FAREwell to food allergies.”

FARE Walk for Food Allergy events have raised $16 million since 2004.

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