Nestle has purchased an experimental milk allergy test which requires only a small skin patch be used. The developer, DBV Technologies SA, a French company, has agreed to sell marketing rights to Nestle for about $110 million.

The deal involves Nestle paying money up front to cover further development and approval costs for the patch test. Nestle, upon completion, will then have global rights to sell the patch. It should be to market by 2021.

The purchase is part of a large investment being made in Nestle’s new health-science unit.

In 2011, Nestle began its health-science unit to find therapies for chronic diseases. Since then, the company has been purchasing rights to several experimental items. The companies says they may be able to use these items stand-alone in marketing and as additions to various lines of products such as infant formulas and supplements.

As for DBV, they have an older milk allergy test that is already on the market, but not yet fully approved. They believe that the funds made available through Nestle’s investment will allow them to finish work and approvals. DBV is also developing a skin patch for treatment of peanut allergies.

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