A new online dating site connects people not by interests or personality, but by food needs. The site specializes in connecting foodies, dieters, vegans, vegetarians, and people with food allergies. Sameplate.com promises to help single people find romance based on what they eat or don’t eat.

Site Brings People Together Over Common Food Interests

Launched in July of 2012 by Emmy-winning writer and producer Jeff Nimoy, the site claims to be the first and only U.S.-based dating site with a matchmaking strategy based on food. Nimoy, who follows an organic food diet, says that he realized if he wanted to date, he’d need to find a woman who also follows an organic diet. He also realized that sometimes, different food preferences or needs are a relationship deal-breaker. Nimoy toldLA Weekly, “Once you are eating together, the rest will take care of itself.”

Nimoy wouldn’t disclose the number of current users on his site but says it’s growing at a fast pace. He hopes that Sameplate.com will eventually become a global “food networking” site, with an emphasis on matchmaking.

Could sites like Sameplate.com be the future of online dating? And is it important to you to find a significant other who shares the same food concerns or restrictions?

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