A bill working its way into the Ohio State Senate would allow public venues to stock epinephrine autoinjectors for allergy emergencies. Places such as restaurants, child care centers, amusement parks, schools, and more would be able to access epinephrine injectors without a prescription.

The law was created in the Ohio House of Representatives, where it passed through unanimously. It is now being added to the roster for consideration on the Ohio Senate floor.

Measure would let many public and private entities keep epinephrine without a license.

The bill outlines training requirements, storage standards, and liability protections for those who choose to participate. Employees would be required to undergo training and there would be other restrictions for the epinephrine’s use.

The stated goal of the legislation is to allow those businesses and public places closest to a likely unexpected, life-threatening allergy attack to be capable of responding immediately. The proposal is aimed towards protecting children and others who may not be aware of a severe food allergy, the sponsors say.

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