Mike Monroe is an extreme athlete in Virginia who is working out on a rowing machine for 24 hours straight to raise awareness and money for extreme food allergy sufferers, including his son.

The rower is no newbie to extreme sports, being a veteran of seven Iron Man competitions, a 500-mile bicycle ride, and a 15-mile trek through the Sahara Desert.

Monroe’s son Miles can’t eat wheat, rye, dairy or mustard, to name a few of his allergies. His father is rowing to raise awareness of the severity food allergies can have and to raise money for the McLean-based Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE).

Mike Monroe said: “I am doing this for my son, who crushes my soul every time he says he just wants to be a regular kid. I am fueled to reach my fundraising goal by my son and the other kids out there who suffer from food allergies.”

Read more about this story and watch a video here.

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