Fans of professional sports often avoid games because of the risk they will be in close contact with their allergen – especially considering how many other fans will be buying bags of peanuts and other popular game-day snacks. Some teams have come up with a solution to this dillemna – allergen-free seats.

NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes announced this week that fans with food allergies will now have a safe place to watch professional hockey. According toABC 15, the Coyotes have teamed up with the Phoenix Allergy Network and the arena to offer an allergen-free suite. The seats will be available for all Coyotes games, as well as other shows and concerts at the arena.

The entire suite is allergen-free, with a special allergen-friendly menu free from the top eight food allergens. The private suite has 12 seats and can hold an additional six people standing. Jim Foss, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Coyotes’ arena, said “We are excited to provide families with a safe and allergy friendly environment to enjoy Coyotes hockey and world class concerts.”

He also noted “We are one of the few arenas in the country that are offering this exclusive opportunity.” Expect other major-league teams to take note as allergen-friendly seating becomes a more popular option. Already the idea has spread to several major league ballparks. What team would you love to watch from an allergen-free suite?

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